Preschoolers are constantly on the move and ready to go. We facilitate physical development needs with daily opportunities to use large muscles, including running, jumping, and balancing. Our gym also offers many riding toys and tricycles. Our teachers foster, not fight the wiggles, with dancing and singing.

Our Preschool classroom is designed for the curious two - three and a half year old. It is our children’s first “formal” preschool setting and is designed to be an environment that fosters a child’s love for learning. Your child will be immersed in letters, numbers, language and science exploration. The room is centered on a preschooler's favorite question: WHY? It is geared toward answering many of their daily questions and exposing them to the land of learning!


  • Age specific playground and ample outdoor space
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Potty-training support
  • Well rounded learning that is play-based
  • Most of all, you receive daily communication about your child’s eating, sleeping, personal care, and activities with pictures through an app called Brightwheel.


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