The concept that children learn best through play is reflected in the setup of each classroom with learning centers designed to foster choice and independence. Daily literacy focuses on a balanced approach between phonics and whole language. Math skills are developed through hands-on experience and experimentation with manipluatives.

Brainy Kids Place Pre-Kindergarten program is designed for our three and four year old children. It is the perfect blend of whole-group, small-group and self-directed learning. Students engage in circle time where they are introduced to a variety of academic skills. They then make choices on various stations to “work” at to practice learning new skills. The stations are engaging and inspire the students to be thinkers!


  • Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum
  • Classrooms full of high quality materials
  • Multiple playgrounds with outdoor space
  • Hands-on learning
  • Most of all, you receive daily communication about your child’s eating, sleeping, personal care, and activities with pictures through an app called Brightwheel.


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