Physical separation for baby and parents is always difficult. Brainy Kids Place strives to help parents and children experience a calm transition of physical and emotional separation through our safe and loving environment. You can return to work with the peace of mind that your child is in good hands with us. Remember you are always welcome to drop in for some baby kisses or to nurse!


Safety is our top priority.

Padded flooring keeps little ones on a soft, yet clean surface as they go from wiggling to walking.

The classrooms are shoeless. This prevents children from coming in contact with debris from the bottom of shoes.

Our infant rooms are equipped with evacuation cribs that can be used during an emergency to transport children safely from the building.

We also follow safe sleep recommendations by not allowing blankets, pillows, or other objects in the crib while your child is sleeping. This also includes placing children on their backs in their cribs until they are able to roll over independently. All of our staff members also have training in the prevention of SIDS.

All toys and furniture are sanitized daily and more frequently if needed.

Most of all, you receive daily communication about your child’s eating, sleeping, personal care, and activities with pictures through an app called Brightwheel.


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