Before & After School


We take pride in keeping our school age students engaged during the school year and summer too! We plan activities that include crafts, games, music, and science experiments. We know that your child has had a full day at school, but when they come to Brainy Kids Place, we offer them enrichment, not TV!


The Before & After School child care program at Brainy Kids Place fills in the gaps in your child’s day. We provide a secure, caring, and stimulating place for your child during times when the child is not in school and parents are unable to be home. This may be in the morning before school starts, in the afternoon after the school day ends, or on school holidays and days off.

Each morning, our staff will put your child safely on their bus at our facility (please see below for details on transportation arrangements). Prior to leaving for school, your child will have breakfast and the opportunity for activities.

The after school portion of our program starts with an energizing afternoon snack as children arrive. We then have science, arts & crafts time, and sports or large group games either outside or in the gymnasium. Our staff will also assist your child with homework each day. As educators, it is our goal at Brainy Kids Place to provide the highest quality care for your child in a comfortable and caring atmosphere. In the classroom, we strive to encourage the children to build a team-like bond. Many of our activities are group oriented to promote unity among the children. Working together triggers an important closeness, which allows the children to bond and grow as friends.


After breakfast, BKP Schoolers quickly become engaged in science, art, or engineering activities. There is no time for TV or video games here. We make sure they get all the physical exercise they need by getting ample opportunities to go outside and run, jump, play, and even sidewalk chalk outside. After lunch, we give them a rest period and then it’s back to engaging activities that are split between teacher-led activities and free choice activities. During the summer months, we have a full-scale summer program that is full of activities centered around a theme. For details please see our Summer Camp page.


  • Low Student-to-teacher ratio
  • One-on-one homework help
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Extra-curricular fun projects after school to keep their minds and bodies going
  • Reliable transportation
  • No additional fees for school holidays (except summer break)


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