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Health and Safety, Our Pledge to You

BKP Commitments

Our 15 Point Commitment to Keeping Your Family Safe Throughout COVID-19

Brainy Kids Place has remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic and has every intention to continue serving all of our families each day. Truly, it is a blessing for us to be able to open our doors for parents that must work to keep our community functioning during these changing times.

As we continue on through these uncertain times, we want you to know that we have your well-being in mind. We're dedicated to finding ways to provide your family a comfortable experience– that's our pledge to you. We continue to evaluate our policies and procedures based on science and the evolving guidance from the CDC and the broader medical community. We do all of that with you in mind and we want to share our latest highlights:

  1. Staying Up To Date Throughout The Pandemic To Ensure We Are Following Best Practices

    During this time of heightened worry and concern, we continue to stay up-to-date with:
    • The latest state and local guidelines
    • Child Care Licensing requirements
    • The recommendations of the Center of Disease Control, our local, and state officials
  2. "Symptom-Free For Entry” Protects Your Child’s Health

    Each child and staff member is screened before entering the building. Part of the screening process is a touchless thermometer check, a visual health check ensuring that the child is symptom free of any illness, and screening questions to assure that no other household members are ill or have been exposed to an individual with COVID in the past 14 days. Only healthy adults are permitted to drop off children. Ideally if there is anyone in the home that is showing symptoms, all should stay home.
  3. Enhanced Illness Policies Keeps Sickness Away

    Children and team members are required to stay home when they have illness symptoms, and to remain at home until they have been symptom, and medication free for 72 hours. We hold to the 100.0 temperature threshold.
  4. Touch-less Check In Means Less Handling

    Our childcare management app, Brightwheel, which we use to sign kids in and out allows for a contactless check in experience.
  5. Door Drop Offs & Pick Ups Aid In Minimizing Risk

    After the first day of school, families are not permitted to enter the building during child drop off and pick up. A team member meets families at our front door to conduct a health check for each child and brings them to their classroom. If multiple families are dropping off or picking up, please be respectful and use the 6 foot rule.
  6. Decreased Risk Of Transmission With Automatic Payments

    As was the case before COVID, we encourage and offer our automatic payment system to minimize the number of things you need to do each week. We also still accept checks and money orders for those families that prefer this option.
  7. Communication With Your Child’s Teacher Continues with Brightwheel

    We value the relationship our teachers and parents build and know that connection and communication is key. Daily reports and pictures through the Brightwheel app keep parents in the loop.
  8. A Team That Can Assist in Stopping The Spread

    Our highly trained team members within-depth health and safety training, including illness prevention, first aid, and CPR, are ever-ready to assist you. Our staff have received additional training on precautions to take regarding COVID-19. Your child is in the best of hands with our experienced team of professionals.
  9. Being Safe By Sanitizing All Materials & High-Touch Areas

    Extensive cleaning is crucial for a positive learning environment for children. Frequent cleaning and sanitation of toys, learning materials, and high-touch surfaces, helps prevent the spread of germs and viruses. We have enhanced our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures to follow CDC standards.
  10. Handwashing Happens More Frequently Throughout The Day

    Your child learns to wash, wash, wash their hands! This essential practical life skill is even more exciting for them to do, as they often participate in hygiene. Staff members scrub their hands even more frequently, as a preventative measure and to model the practice.
  11. Only Using Cleaning Chemicals That Are Proven Safe & Effective

    All the cleaning materials we use are rated to be effective against the Coronavirus by the EPA. We are able to continue to use the same disinfectant we used before COVID. This ensures our staff know how to properly apply, use, and store our hospital grade disinfectant. We are committed to not using disinfectants in fogging machines that have been linked to increased neurological and dermatological problems as well as respiratory ailments like asthma.
  12. Carefully Considering The Classroom Environment to Reduce Potential For Viral Spread

    We have removed all items from the classroom that are often shared, but difficult to sanitize. We are also limiting the use of water and sensory tables. We have Increased the distance of children when napping, and are ensuring that children are placed head to toe in order to further reduce the potential for viral spread. We have, and always will have, individually designated areas such as cribs, nap mats, desks and chairs as well as keeping all children’s personal items and nap time blankets in separate, individual baskets. Additionally, meals and snacks are individually served as opposed to family style.
  13. Brainy Staff Have A Commitment To Personal Safety

    All teachers wear masks and practice physical distancing during break time, meetings, and small gatherings of staff. All staff have been advised to take necessary precautions when at home and in the community.
  14. Decreasing Unnecessary Exposure With Restricted Access

    At this time we are not allowing anyone that is not essential to enter the building in order to cutdown on unnecessary exposure and enable us to control line tracing within our programs. Should someone need to enter the building for service purposes, deliveries, etc., they undergo the same health and temperature check as our children and staff. We have been proactive by canceling special events for the time being such as holiday events and parties (with visitors).
  15. Creating a Comprehensive Response & Preparedness Plan

    We have laid out our preventative measures, cleaning and disinfecting timelines, staff behavioral expectations, training requirements, and we follow the guidance of state and local officials to ensure that the plan is still following all best practices. We have outlined our disinfecting, notification, and closure procedures should an individual test positive for COVID. We are committed to making decisions based on facts, not fear.

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