I had the most glorious experience the other day. I got to go to the movies… by MYSELF! Yep, the hubs had the kids and I went to see Bad Moms. I got to the theater, discovered there was a bar inside the theater (when did this happen?) and the seats were like recliners! #winning!

Well about five minutes into the movie, I was in love. It felt like someone finally got me. Yes, I have a degree in early childhood education, I taught kindergarten, and own a preschool. I should be like the Martha Stewart of moms with Pinterest oozing from my pores. Truth is, I’m just an ordinary mom of two rather adorable outspoken children that keep my life interesting and just downright busy!!

So to keep things light and fresh, I decided to share just a sample of my #MomFails that I have experienced!!

  1. While at the bank submitting loan renewal forms (for the business), I’m in the middle of talking about how great the daycare is going, and my 2 year old son begins to pee on the bankers window! Yep! Talk about mortified. Then I begin to wonder how on earth he doesn’t have a Pull-Up on. Thank goodness he has six kids of his own and the cleaning company was coming that night.
  2. We pulled up to Brainy Kids Place (running late) and I try to hurry and get the kids out of the car only to discover my daughter, Ava, managed to get in the car without any shoes. Yes, I was the mom that showed up to daycare without any shoes for my kid. So as any working, busy mom, I prayed the Dollar General was open and had a pair of shoes she could wear. I lucked out!
  3. Last but not least, my favorite (and possibly most embarrassing). I went to Victoria’s Secret to pick up my free pair of panties (no shame in my game). I had to take the kids with me and I knew in my gut this was a bad decision. We go in, grab the panties, and get in line. At that point, my son decides that waiting in the line was boring, so he begins to “Spiderman” people by shooting imaginary webs at them. As I begin to try to explain that this isn’t polite, Ava begins to put the panties on over her outfit. As I’m mortifyingly embarrassed, there is a man dressed in a business suit looking at me with a horrified look and a mom with a stroller next to me looking at me with the “glad it’s not me” look.

I’m sure the fun is just beginning, but I have to say, those are so far my top #MomFails! What

are yours?

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