Potty Training Mini-Series Part 4

When to Delay Potty Training 

There are some times that just aren’t the best time to start down the road to potty training. You know your child better than anyone, but here are just a few times to avoid:

  • Your child is sick (especially if there are any digestive troubles looming around)
  • You are traveling or going on family vacations
  • Around the birth of a sibling (you and your child are both going to be stressed already)
  • When you child is moving from a crib to a bed (keep the changes to one at a time)
  • Your family is moving to a new home
  • Change of family (death, divorce, marriage)
  • Your child just isn’t ready (and that’s ok!) 

In general, times of stress or change are not ideal for starting on the potty training adventure. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a “huge” stressor (it can however be perceived as a large stressor to your child) to cause problems. Try to keep the changes minimal to have the highest chance of success. If you notice that trying to potty train is causing a considerable amount of stress, take a break and try again soon. Consistency is key, but forcing something your child just isn’t ready for can spell disaster!

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