Potty Training Mini-Series Part 3

Making Potty Training Magical 

There is no better time to get creative and really pull out the magic than potty training. It can help keep you and your kiddo calm and light-hearted instead of frustrated. 

Make it a science experiment!
Add some blue dye (or toilet cleaner) to the bowl and when they pee they can change the color of the dye. 

Did anyone order bubbles?
If you add a bit (not too much) of dish soap before they go, they can make bubbles in the toilet when they pee. This can be especially fun to challenge them to see if they can make bigger bubble than before! 

Not for eating!
If you add a Cheerio (or three) to the bowl, you can let your little man work on his target practice. 

Sing with me!
Look online and find a potty song you like (that doesn’t make you nuts) and you and your child can sing it together when it’s that special time! Experts suggest that singing can loosen the lips and the sphincter to help going easier. 

Did you see that?
Give them a book to read. This can help them relax and pass the time while on the potty. 

Stuck on rewards?
Get a sticker chart to use. The chart can reward different potty training behaviors such as asking to go, sitting on the toilet, actually going, flushing, and hand washing. This is something that should be adapted to your child’s needs at that stage of potty training. 

Scrub a dub dub!
Let your child choose their own soap at the store. Maybe they want a pretty color, smell, or character. This can be helpful in encouraging them to want to try to go to the potty since after every time they wash their hands! 

Keep your magician hat on and look for other fun ways to make potty training magical for your child! We believe in you!

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