Potty Training Mini-Series Part 2

Successful Starts to Potty Training 

Your child is ready, now what? 

To kickstart this adventure, we recommend getting your child involved right from the start. Head to the store (or Amazon) and have your child pick out their very own potty chair! When it arrives, talk with your child about what it’s for and how it works. You can even do a little demonstration with a favorite stuffed animal, a diaper, and some play-doh if you are feeling up to it :) 

Start using potty words! ...not those kind :) But pee and poop are great starts! When you are using the toilet, changing a diaper, or you notice your child going in their diaper, start to familiarize them with the vocabulary. 

Show them where the poop goes! After you change their diaper, show them that poop from their diaper goes in the potty and let them flush it down! Not only will they strengthen the understanding, they get to have the fun of flushing it and watching it go! 

After using the restroom (or changing their diaper), get them in the habit of washing their hands. This is a great habit to reinforce and can be fun with a hand washing song! 

My favorite is sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
Wash, wash, wash your hands
Wash to keep them clean

Wash on bottom and on top
Wash fingers in-between
(repeat 2 times) 

The most important thing you can do is to stay positive and praise your child for all their potty training successes. Even small steps (like sitting not he potty) should be celebrated. Punishment and potty training don’t go together. Remember, you can pre-potty train with habits and vocabulary before your child is ready and still have a fun time!

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