Potty Training Mini-Series Part 1

5 Signs Your Brainy Kid is Ready

When you hear “Potty Training” what comes to mind? Dread? Excitement? Anticipation? Just do it already? 

Do you feel this way? Does your child feel this way? 

It’s ok! This is just a season of life and we want you and your child to have an easier transition into the “big kid underwear” realm. 

There is so much information on the web and posts that boast about having your child potty trained in three days (I even came across one that boasted ONE day). But reality is that to be fully potty trained it can (and will) take several months and is dependent on SEVERAL factors such as: 

  • child readiness (and willingness)
  • parent readiness (and consistency)
  • age and maturity
  • life events (moving, new sibling, divorce, etc.) 

But there are 5 indicators that your child may be ready to take the plunge, pun intended :) 

  1. Shows interest in the potty
    Is your child wanting to be more independent? Does your child ask questions about family members using the restroom? Are they beginning to want to flush the potty? These can all be signs that your little one is eager to potty train.
  2. Stays dry for 2 hours
    If your child is staying dry for an extended period of time during the day, they may be physically ready to begin to potty train. If they are struggling to stay dry during the day, give it more time.
  3. Understands and verbalizes the need to pee or poop
    When your child is able to start telling you they need to go to the bathroom, this is a great indicator that they are ready to start. If they are doing the potty dance, say “It looks like you need to go potty. Let’s go sit on the potty.” Instead of giving a choice such as, “Do you need to go potty?” That can easily be met with a “no”. 
  4. Can get on the potty and stay long enough to go
    If your child is not able to physically get on the potty, try a smaller potty chair or a better stool to use. If they are not able to stay long enough to pee or poop they might not have the attention span and be truly ready to potty train.
  5. Is independent and able to pull down their pants
    If your child is not coordinated enough (or willing) to pull down a pull up, underwear, or training pants, this might be a sign they are not quite ready. Some parents have tried “naked time” where they let their child go naked at home to encourage the use of the toilet since there is no diaper to go in. However, you run the risk of (fill in the blanks lol) 

Remember that most children aren’t ready to start before 18 months, with most children really focusing and able to potty train between ages 2 and 4. Remember that your child’s teacher is a great resource as well and a partner in this as well. If you are ready to start at home, make sure to talk to the teacher so everyone is working together!

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