Rainy Day Renegades


“Rain, rain go away

Come again another day.

Rain, rain go away

Little Johnny wants to play.”

Why can’t Johnny play? It has become all too common to view a wet, rainy day as nasty or boring with everyone having to stay cooped up inside, but why? Why not break free from the notion that rain is something to hide from and keep your kids indoors? Have we become so terrified of being wet and muddy that we are willing to deprive our child of the joys of puddle splashing and mud pies? Become a renegade, I dare you!

The sky (or puddles) are the limit to the fun that can be had by simply donning a raincoat, rain boots, an umbrella and maybe even a swimsuit. If you are brave enough to grab some shovels and buckets you are in for even more fun!

When you Google “Rainy Day Activities” there are hundreds of posts about what to do indoors on a rainy day, but I want to give you 10 ideas for what to do OUTSIDE on a rainy day with your Brainy Kids!

  1. Dance and sing in the rain. You could even twirl your umbrella. 
  2. Go puddle jumping.
  3. Measure how much rain is falling by putting various cups or buckets outside.
  4. Before the rain comes, draw with sidewalk chalk and watch as it “melts” away.
  5. Make a boat and float it down the street (just don’t let it float away).
  6. Put on a swimsuit and make mud angels. 
  7. Make mud pies and other muddy treats. 
  8. Create a  rock castle and dig the moat around it.
  9. Use mud to paint with. 
  10. Create your own slip and slide with a tarp. 

Tips for success:

(Take it from a mom who loves to be impulsive and seize fun moments when they happen)

  • Have towels ready by the door so you can strip off all the wet and muddy clothes and put them directly into the washing machine.
  • Take pictures! You will want these memories!
  • Play with the kids and don’t be a stick in the mud ;)
  • Let the kids come up with their own ideas. If they are not possible because they are a true danger, take time to explain the thought process behind assessing the potential danger. 

My challenge to you is to break free of the notion that you have to stay inside and wish the rain away. Become a renegade and share your rebel ways and inspire others! What are some ways you enjoy a rainy day with your kids?

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