Cheers to 5 Years

Cheers to 5 Years



That is the most common question I get when I meet new people and I tell them I am a preschool owner. The short answer is because I am crazy, like most kindergarten teachers are. However, the long answer is that I am truly passionate about what I do.


Over the past five years I have had the unique opportunity to see the ripple effect my ownership of a preschool has had and it is the most humbling feeling I have ever experienced. I have a passion for creating a space that energizes children to develop a love of learning through hands on experiences and play. I have a passion for giving families the most peace of mind I possibly can by always looking at ways to increase the safety and security of the children in our care while they are working to provide for their families. I have a passion for providing jobs to teachers that want to make a difference in the world and creating a fun place to work. I am passionate about developing relationships with those that we serve; wether it be children, parents, grandparents, staff, or community members. I am passionate about continually building a company that has a clear vision and can make a positive impact greater than I could ever imagine. 


My passions are what gets me out of bed in the morning- energized and ready to dream bigger and better. We will always look for ways to grow and make Brainy Kids Place better. Why? Because those that put their faith and livelihood in our hands deserve it. 


As I reflect on the past 5 years of being a preschool owner, I can honestly say that I am proud of what Brainy Kids Place has become. It has been a roller coaster of a journey, but as the adage goes, “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.” I can attest that owning a preschool that cares for over 100 children and has 17 employees is not easy, but is is overwhelming worthwhile. 


So, as I raise my invisible glass, let me say “Here’s to the next five years. May our hearts always be full and our minds always Brainy. Cheers!”

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