Behind the Brain

Behind the Brain

In today’s world, its hard to feel connected to people and much more with businesses. Long gone are the Mayberry days of getting a haircut at the local one chair barber shop where you get the town gossip while relaxing and reading the paper. Today, we are overwhelmed in our increasingly hectic lives and wrapped into the whirlwind of our phones filled with numerous apps, games, email, texting, and endless possibilities to find yourself consumed before you even realize what has happened. So now when you go to get your haircut, you have music and television going as well as an endless stream of people around you, most of which you will never come in contact with again. Maybe you know your barber, maybe you don’t. You might be at a small business or you might be at a large chain. But either way, you probably don’t really know anything about the company, its values, or what it stands for.

This is the interesting part; just now you thought of a company that you know what they stand for. That’s awesome. Keep that thought.

I recently actively started paying attention to companies and what their core values are and what they stand for and believe in and it has really been a shift in the way I buy and interact with businesses. Being a small business owner myself, I truly believe in the power of a small business. Small businesses can focus on people and make sure that their products and services align with their beliefs. Small businesses are not profit machines run by a CEO or Board of Directors that are concerned with their stock prices.

Why does this matter to me?

I buy Made in the USA and small business first. I am willing to pay more to support businesses I believe in. I recently had a fellow childcare owner say she believes “We vote with our dollars.” This was powerful to me and truly made me evaluate the companies I was voting for with my dollars. I started doing research on some of the businesses I frequented from the grocery store to where I purchased my clothing. I even started looking at the brands that I was loyal to. What I found was many times businesses fall short in the communication department. They will tell you how much you can save, but what about what causes they support, how they serve and support their employees, and their future plans? These things matter. You would find out these things before you begin a new friendship or relationship, so why not when you are choosing to spend your hard earned money?

I was at a conference where I heard Sean Stephenson give a speech and he asked the audience “Why were you born?” This was a deep and powerful question I could answer personally almost immediately— To empower others.

But what about Brainy Kids Place?

Why did I create BKP? I knew the long answer, but I wanted to be able to articulate why Brainy Kids Place exists in a way that I could share with everyone. I wanted to create a place where employees wanted to come to work and have fun while impacting the lives of children. I wanted a place that fostered children’s imaginations and developed a love of learning through play and building relationships with their peers. I wanted a place where families could feel safe taking their children and they could go to work and know they were making their families life better. Simply said, Brainy Kids Place was founded on the belief that every person (adult and child) should be empowered to live their best life.

My family and I leveraged and built a small business we are proud of and can stand behind not just because of the service we offer, but what is behind the services we offer. We believe that we can positively impact the families we serve and the staff that care for the children you entrust to us. What we didn’t expect was how humbling it feels when we feel the impact of our decisions. At any given time we are supporting over 200 parents and grandparents that can go to work and earn an income knowing that their children are being loved and cared for at our center. We are #SmallBusinessProud

Early in the article I asked you to hold a thought of which business came to mind that stands for something you believe in. What are some companies you enjoy doing business with because of their beliefs? On the flip side, which businesses do you avoid because of their business practices or beliefs?

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