A Birthday to Remember

A Birthday to Remember Experiences Before Parties

My kids were invited to a friends birthday celebration that left me inspired and made me reconsider the way I view birthday parties. You might have read “inspired” and thought it was a Pinterest worthy extravaganza, but it was quite the opposite. The Birthday Girl LOVES horses and unicorns to the point of possible obsession. Her mom could have thrown a unicorn party for the ages full of all kinds of decorations and other frivolous costly things, but she didn’t. She arranged for the party to be horseback riding for one friend of her choosing. She chose my two kids to share in her special experience (since they are always together and 13 months apart). Talk about SPECIAL! When the day finally came, the kids and adults had an awesome time making memories. My kids brought a hand made card for a gift and there was a cake that her grandmother made. All I could think was why had I never thought about this?

Why had I never taken the time to re-think birthday parties and allow my children to have an experience instead of a party? Moreover, why had I never considered that it should be and even more intimate experience with just a few close friends and family members? I was awestruck at the simplicity of it and loved the feeling. It was a breath of fresh air, literally. We spent time getting to learn about riding horses and how to take care of them. The icing on the cake was actually riding the horses. It was the first kids birthday party I truly enjoyed. 

I truly appreciated the opportunity to allow our children to make memories and have new experiences they can cherish, and they have. They still talk about getting to go horseback riding and how special they felt that she chose them to share in her celebration. They were even inspired to begin planning an experiential birthday celebration as well.  Even though their ideas change, they still like the thought of doing something instead of the traditional party. I could not feel more blessed to have been introduced to a new thought process when it comes to birthdays and hope that you will take a moment to consider giving your child an experience for their birthday, instead of just another toy. 

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