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How We Learn


Our Philosophy

Brainy Kids Place provides developmentally appropriate education, and combines play and traditional learning methods to lay the foundation for a successful educational career. We provide support and learning to encourage each child’s social development to help them become confident, responsible, well-rounded, and compassionate citizens. Our program is designed to introduce and expand on numerous subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Music. The daily schedule in each classroom allows for large group, small group, and individual activities in order to build each child’s social and educational skills.

Professional Curriculum

Brainy Kids Place embraces the Texas Early Learning Pathways and the Texas Pre-K Guidelines. These research-based early learning standards were developed and implemented to promote quality learning experiences for children birth through age five. The standards were developed to be flexible for your child’s individual development and growth. At Brainy Kids Place, our teachers use their experience and knowledge along with the state standards to support growth of the whole child through:

  • Physical Development and Motor Skills
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Play and Learning
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Cognitive Development and General Knowledge

At Brainy Kids Place children learn through planned activities that are age-appropriate and build on skills that are age-appropriate and challenging. Our professionally prepared thematic curriculum allows your child daily opportunities for literacy skills, art, math, music, movement, sign language, large and small motor development, and much more!

Classroom Environments

Brainy Kids Place has been completely renovated with your child’s success in mind. Classrooms are set up to provide an environment that is bright and colorful, have lots to explore, and will foster your child’s growth. At Brainy Kids Place the learning environment in each classroom is designed to encourage children to participate in a variety of age appropriate developmental activities and experiences. Special centers for dramatic play, creative art, science, reading, blocks and puzzles provide each child the opportunity to explore independently and confidently. Our classrooms are equipped with child size tables, chairs, toilets, and sinks. Cleanliness is prioritized as a daily practice by staff members and students so as to maintain a beautiful facility that encourages a healthy learning atmosphere.

Play Areas Brainy Kids Place has multiple playgrounds that inspire children to use their imagination. We believe play is at the foundation of learning and we make play a priority! Children are outside twice daily, as long as weather permits. Raining? No problem! We have an indoor gym that allows children to still stay active using our Imagination Playground.

Family Involvement

Brainy Kids Place proudly encourages family involvement to enrich the connection between home and your child’s classroom. We welcome you into the school to discover the classroom experience firsthand, or join us at a school event to connect with your teachers and other families about your child’s joyful learning experiences. Many take-home materials and resources are available to families so that each new discovery and skill can also be celebrated home.


At Brainy Kids Place one of our highest priorities is ensuring that our teachers and staff are exceptional. We interview each teacher as if they will be teaching our own children and, in some cases, they will be. We go beyond the basic state requirements and look for individuals who embody and support our mission. We look for staff that are loving, caring, dynamic and have a commitment to our children.

Qualifications and Training

All of our staff are required to have a high school diploma, CPR, First Aid, and an additional 24 hours of training prior to being in the classroom. After they begin, the training and education don’t stop there. All of our staff must have at least 24 hours of training annually. We are committed to making sure our staff have the training and education they need to be the best teacher for your child they can be. 

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